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What is Freeschool for International Solidarity?

A group of people interested in free education and other social justice issues are working collectively to create a freeschool.  

What is a freeschool you ask?  Broadly defined, a freeschool is a community-based center for learning based on three principles:

      1) Free accessibility i.e.) inclusive
      2) No tuition fee
      3) Open curriculum

Come share your skills, knowledge, and experience!

Learn some new ones in a dynamic learning environment! Some examples of classes are: introduction to western philosophy, alternative menstrual hygiene, juggling ball manufacturing, anarchist methodology, fire breathing, art, puppet making, media fluency, organizing through the internet, Oriental medicine, zine production, Korean language, English language, Korean history, and guitar.

Participation in our collective is open to everyone involved in the school  we hope to dissolve the boundary between teacher and student and create an egalitarian culture within the school.

We aim to challenge the ownership of education and knowledge by the privileged elite.

We are especially interested in working with people who want to develop international networks and communities who are working to combat oppression and authoritarianism to develop free and egalitarian ways of living.