재활센터 첫 번째 무대 - 약간 썰렁했지만 좋았다
시간: 2003년 8월 30일 토요일 오후2시부터 장소: 서울 대학로 월경페스티벌 무대
rehab center's
first appearance on stage! starting at 2pm, August 30, 2003
Daehakno, Menstruation Festival stage, seoul, south korea

두 번째 무대 - 짱이었어!
시간: 2003년 9월 4일 목요일 오후7시부터 장소: 서울 쌍문동 인포샵
rehab center's
2nd show starts at 7pm, September 4, 2003 at the club Anarchist Infoshop

세 번째 무대 - 할 말이 없어
시간: 2003년 9월 6일 토요일 오후2시부터 장소: 인천 대건고
on young kids' mad requests, we had our 3rd show at a high school festival in Incheon, a big port city 30 km west of Seoul on September 6, 2003

네 번째 무대: 라라컬트, 아나클랜 공동주최 제1회 '보름달 축제'
시간: 2003년 9월 13일 오후부터 밤새도록?? 장소: 서울 쌍문동 인포샵
재활센터의 공연, 공기대회, 오목대회 등 각종 행사와 푸짐한 잔치마당!!
the first Full Moon Festival, co-hosted by 2 of the korea's most wanted anarchist groups anarclan and raracult, features the headliner Rehab Center's open-stage rock concert as well as everyone-participating Gongki contest, Omok contest and much more. Be there on September 13, 7pm - next morning???, at the Infoshop in Seoul. For more information, go to anarclan english board

다섯 번째 무대: 안티고연제  - 대학생들도 이제 나이키 대신 아나키를 택합니다!
시간: 2003년 9월 26일 금요일 오후7시 장소: 고려대 안암캠퍼스 민주광장

Keep on rockin' until the day of revolution.
Ain't gonna stop singin' until there'll be no discrimination, war, hierarchy and capitalist exploitation.
Rehab Center on stage for the 2nd Anti-college festival, will mark our 5th concert!
September 26, 2003 time: 7pm location: Democracy Square, Korea University
* college festivals have been heavily funded by coporate assholes, and made college students easy target for capitalist comsumption. this year, some college students step up and say no to corporate companies and try to be free from capitalist enslavement.
instead of nike, they choose anarchy!
how to get to the Infoshop??

(take the Seoul subway line #4 and get off at Ssangmun station, out via exit 2, then take bus 29 or 29-1. get off at the second stop from the subway station. you'll see the cafe named 'GADIS' on the 2nd floor of a building around there. GADIS is the Infoshop, where rehab center gives concerts regularly and other anarchist activies take place all the time. no admission fee at all!

a2003 rehab center 再活中心 재활센터